Monday, October 7, 2013


Shawn and I are feeling overwhelmed with thanks over the outpouring of love during the last few months, and especially the last few weeks. When people are put into tough situations, you hear the word "deserve" come up again and again. That we "deserve" the help, or -- that, like Cameron -- we "deserve" to be taken care of, too. Never once did (and we still don't) feel that we "deserve" anything from anyone. We are parents. We are doing everything that we can to make sure Cameron gets the best care and has the best opportunities available, just like every other parent would, be it brain surgery or choice of crayons! Talking seizures and surgery have become part of our daily lives over the last two and a half years. My mom reminded me recently about a time around two years ago after Cam had had a bad seizure. I used to cry and worry and call my mom (yep, I'd call my mom - thanks Mom!) almost every time Cameron would have a seizure. She had told me once that some day it would become second nature, that we would just get used to it, as we had already learned that Cameron would probably not just "grow out of" his epilepsy. Two and a half years later we are discussing brain surgery without (too much of) a flinch.

I wish everyone could meet Dr. Bauer and Dr. Morse! For two men who do most of their work dissecting children's brains, they're incredibly confident and really put us at ease each time we talk with them. Cam had his 3 year check up recently and his Pediatrician, Dr. Eric Goodman, had said that he could never be a brain surgeon because, "It's scary!" Damn right it is, but it's worth it if Cameron can go on to live a normal life afterward.

He has started physical therapy at preschool now! We got an email from the PT at school with a little update. "Cameron's motor output is a bit variable. Last week his right leg seemed weaker and he was having more incidences of tripping and just a tougher time in general moving in the classroom and during therapy. Each week he shows greater ability to participate in P.T. more readily. He is a delight!!!!!!!!!!" He's also become a regular at the nurse, like a daily regular. Cam told us today that the nurse has "books and a cool ice pack!". Haha...

We wanted to send a big shout out to the First Presbyterian Church in Ogdensburg, N.Y. Shawn's cousin Becky had her church do a "prayer bear" for Cameron. They pass this cute teddy around church and each person says a prayer for the person to whom the bear will be sent. Such a special gift, and Cameron loved it! Thank you all!

Last night I got a call from a couple of my best friends: my cousin Meaghan, high school BFF Sam and (well, they tried to get Becca, but she lives in the woods and barely has cell service :-P) to let me know that they had organized a benefit dinner for Cameron. I was speechless. We had never even thought about people wanting to help us. As I said before, we are parents. We do what we have to do for Cameron, and we make it work as best as we can. We want everyone to know that we are in absolutely no way expecting, anticipating or hoping people would or will help us. The thoughts, prayers, cards, etc., have already exceeded our expectations. We are honestly and truly so grateful for everyone's willingness to help!

I promised the girls that we would help spread the word about the dinner! Meaghan created this site to get information about the pasta dinner and to purchase tickets. I know they've already organized a bunch of raffle prizes, ranging from clothing to baked goods to gift certificates. Best part is, by purchasing a ticket to the dinner, you automatically get two raffle tickets! It's also the day of Keene's Pumpkin Festival, so if you're in the area and want to swing by camp, or if you're not and want to come to Pumpkin Fest and have yummy food, we'll surely be making our way there. Bring pumpkins to carve too! :)

A page on Go Fund Me was also created for anyone who wishes to contribute directly to Cameron's medical expenses.

We are so lucky and feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives that love Cameron and want to help. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts! We really can't say it enough.


  1. Cass, you have such a great out look on the situation! You truly are such great parents to Cam, and know that J and I keep you guys in our prayers often and so wish we could make it to the dinner. So great of Meaghan to have thought of the dinner idea! Love you sister!