Monday, November 18, 2013


Using this post as a way to help myself stay awake while watching the Patriots game tonight!

Cameron had his post-op check up today and it was a wonderful appointment. We saw Dr. Scott Lannon who said that Cameron looks "excellent". He told us that Dr. Bauer was going to be thrilled to hear about how well Cam is doing! He said his incision is healing beautifully and even said out loud "Wow, he did a great job with that!" - I'm thinking he was referring to Dr. Bauer's handy work. :)

After we came home from the hospital two weeks ago, we noticed that Cam seemed to have some increased sensitivity to a few of his senses. For instance, he would be nearly in tears when the sun was in his eyes, always needing his sunglasses or pulling his hat down as far as he could get it. He also loves water - swimming, showering, bathing, playing, etc. After his surgery he wanted nothing to do with it, he kept telling us the water was too cold. We had no idea if it was just coincidence since he hadn't been allowed to shower for a week or if something had changed. Dr. Lannon told us today that sometimes after brain surgery kids can have "pseudomeningitis", meaning he has symptoms that simulate meningitis, but there is no actual inflammation of those membranes, and the symptoms gradually go away. He doesn't have these sensitivities any more, so there is no worry that it was something more serious.

He's had a great few days back at Preschool, and when we went to pick him up early today, we saw they had taped The Sentinel's article to the front door (we don't normally go to the front door because they come get the preschool kids from outside). The woman in the front office told us a nice story about her foster daughter who has been seizure-free for 15 years since having a similar surgery when she was a teenager. It's always so nice to hear success stories from people who have shared similar experiences.

We've had a great two weeks spending some serious Q.T. with Cameron. We've taken him to two local high school football games (albeit, both home teams lost...), and he loved every second! We visited Shawn at work and ran around the news room, watched a few movies and a lot of Sesame Street, made a scrap book and spent a lot of time playing. We were so happy to hear that he is healing right on track!

His incision is looking great, too. He hasn't worn one of his hats in two days, but did tell the doctor today that his head is itchy. He hasn't been touching it or picking at it much though! He really is a trooper.

We will have an appointment to see Cameron's Neurologist - Dr. Morse - in January, and we see the Neurosurgery team again in Feb/March. It's routine for them to do a follow-up MRI three months after surgery, so Dr. Lannon said he'd schedule that himself. If everything looks good, then Cam will follow up with Neurosurgery yearly. Dr. Morse will still be seeing a bit of us for awhile though! Cam has had no seizures ::knock on wood again:: and we are hopeful that will continue!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have another benefit fundraiser organized for us this Wednesday, November 20, 2013! This time it's in my hometown of Pawtucket, RI at Sullivan's Publick House. It's a really awesome place that does Community Pint Nights on Wednesdays, where a keg is donated by a brewery and proceeds from the $3 pints are donated. My cousin Meaghan and her husband Greg, among others I'm sure, have organized some fantastic raffles including a 2013-2014 Official Boston Bruins team autographed hockey stick! (SWEEEEET!) I will be there, but unfortunately Shawn won't be able to make it down as Cam still has 18 years before he's allowed in a bar. ;)

Again, thank you for the continued support! Go Patriots!

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