Friday, January 31, 2014

Three Months

Yesterday, January 30, 2014 marked the three-month point from Cameron's brain surgery. Three months means his brain has likely healed from the operation and his skull has also healed up. Running your fingers along the side of his head, you can clearly feel the bumpiness of the disintegrating plate that was used to help fuse the bones back together. If I remember right, it takes 3-6 months to fully dissolve and while doing so, it forms bubbles as it absorbs fluid and breaks up. The incision remains pretty red in most spots, but is slowly being covered up by his rapidly growing locks!

This was taken November 18th, just over 2 weeks post-op.

Here he is, just about 2 months post-op enjoying his seat on Grandpa John's new couch. :)

And I just took this picture this morning while enjoying some Jake the Pirate time - you can see how much has changed in the last few months. I actually think he might need a hair cut soon!

::Knock on wood:: We can happily report that Cameron has suffered from just one seizure post-surgery when he had a virus that caused a high fever in November. He's sick today for the second time since October 30th, so he's home from school resting, drinking lots of fluids, eating extra fruit and hoping to feel better quickly! Sickness brings on a whole new feel of anxiety when there's a fear of seizures and ER visits, and loopy-dizzy-child creating medications. So we ere on the side of caution and I take a sick day to hopefully prevent all of the above!

Cameron has a follow-up MRI scheduled for March 11th, followed by an appointment with Dr. Bauer (Neurosurgeon) later in the day to check on how the surgery worked, from an internal view. He will see Dr. Morse (Neurologist) in April (unfortunately, this follow up was supposed to be in February, but his schedule is really jam-packed).

In other news, the surgery seems to have helped Cameron in more ways than just (hopefully) becoming seizure free. in December we had a meeting with Cam's Preschool teacher who said he seemed much more balanced, aware and less impulsive. I think I mentioned before that he was meeting his PT goals within the first week of being back to school! He's well behaved and pays attention more, and his teacher said he's cognitively at the level of a 4.5 year old! Go Cam!

We wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone as we begin to (finally) get the bills from Cameron's operation and hospital stay - the donations we received have covered the cost entirely, as well as cost from his PET scan, SPECT scan and likely the MRI in March! We are eternally grateful for all of the help and assistance we received from each and every person and family. We honest and truly cannot say thank you enough!

Here's to a healthy, happy, seizure-free New Year!

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