Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Six months Post-op

As the Red Sox are getting back into the swing of the season and the rain is coming down, it's hard to believe that it's been six months since they won the World Series and Cameron had his surgery. Six whole months!

On the evening of April 3rd, Cam had another bad seizure. He wasn't sick, wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, it just happened like it used to. We had to give him the diazepam to make it stop and called DHMC, since the last time he had one they wanted us to take him to the ER. This time, because he wasn't sick, the on-call doc said to give a call in the morning and talk with Dr. Morse to check in. We did that and he said not to get too worried yet. It's not common, but also not uncommon for kids to have epileptic seizures after surgery, as his brain is still figuring out the new routes to take and is still growing.

Shawn and I both agree that if this is the improvement we're going to have for Cameron right now, then it's much better than the alternative of his surgery not having helped at all. In the past six months he likely could have had 30 to 50 seizures by now, so we'll settle with two. He's doing great day-to-day and while we still have the anxieties associated with his seizures, its not plaguing our thoughts daily.  What IS plaguing our thoughts? "Frozen". Seriously. How do you get those songs out of your head!?!

In other news... ;)

After all of the support we received while going through Cameron's testing and surgery, we really would like to give back. CHaD holds the CHaD HERO racing series in October every year. Last year they were doing fun things in preparation for the event and we happened to be there for one of Cam's tests! Flashback to when Captain America was washing the windows:

This year the CHaD HERO weekend will mark the one year anniversary of Cameron's surgery (just about). What a better way to celebrate the occasion and the work that those doctors have done for Cam than to be there doing something fun OUTSIDE of the hospital!? 
I'd love to provide support to the kids fighting day in and day out behind those doors, and to the parents who feel helpless, and the siblings who just want to play with their brothers and sisters. CHaD does so much more than give medication and operate - the support they provide to the patients and families is unlike any other place I've been. As a non-profit organization, the care and services provided by CHaD is funded by donor dollars. I have registered for the half marathon: Check out my fundraising page! There is still so much time between now and then - six months to be precise! Thank you all for considering donating to support CHaD and for continuing to follow our journey to get Cameron seizure-free!

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