Friday, July 31, 2015

Having a mom that runs...

I love asking Cameron questions that clue me into how he's interpreting the things around him.
I saw this questionnaire on Happy Fit Mama's blog the other day and had to get the answers from Cam!

What does Mom eat before a run?
Cam: Yogurt
**I often have Greek yogurt smoothies after a run, but I think I'd pay terribly if I ate yogurt before my runs!**

How far does Mom run every day?
Cam: 66 miles
**That must include the miles I run chasing him and Remy around.**

What is Mom's favorite race?
Cam: Running races.
**He's pretty literal.**

Why do you think Mom runs?
Cam: Because she's beautiful.
**I'm not sure how this answers the question, or if he couldn't think of another answer, but I'll take it!**

What injuries has Mom had from running?
Cam: Your hands and knee
**He's referencing when I fell and walked home with bloody hands...**

Do you like going to Mom's races?
Cam: Yes

Have you learned anything from having a mom who runs?
Cam: Yes. Playing outside, painting and running
**I'm obviously a good multi-tasker.**

Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?
Cam: Yes.

What's your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?
Cam: Playing with Remy.
**I'm not sure he entirely understood this one...**

Do you think you will run when you are Mom's age? How old is she?
Cam: Yes. 27.
**This question is more fun for kids who don't care to know how old everyone is.**

Marathon training update and fundraisers!

I ran my first double digit run in marathon training last week, and I'll be doing two half marathons in a row in the next two weeks (not actual races, just 13 miles -- Did I really just write "just 13 miles"...). This is the first time in my training cycle that I really, truly feel like I'm doing more than I have for halfs that I've trained for. Normally once I hit 12 - 13 miles I start to taper in preparation for the upcoming race, but I'm only about half way through training, so this is when the real work begins! After these next two weeks, my long runs will each be the longest run I have done to date. Scary, but exciting!

I'm super excited to have sold 23 shirts already! My small goal is to sell 26, but my larger goal is to sell 50. I can't believe I've already just about reached my small goal and am almost half way to the big goal! The campaign is open through August 7th. Shirts are $15 each and you can make an additional donation with your purchase, if you are able. Click on this link to check it out!

The first Margaritas night is next Thursday, August 6th in Lebanon, NH. Join the event on Facebook and share it with local friends and family!
The second Margaritas night in Keene is on Wednesday, August 19th. Again, join the event and share, share share!

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