Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bulu Box Review and Discount Code!

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I'm occasionally given the opportunity to sample and review different products on the market. I was recently sent a one month subscription from Bulu Box! I knew around-or-about when the box was scheduled to arrive, but nothing could compare to when I saw the bright, cheerful and encouraging box of goodness awaiting my arrival home after work!
I have no experience with other subscription boxes, so I suppose I set my expectations pretty low. 

SO what is Bulu Box? Well, there are two different types. There is the "Originial" Bulu Box which provides a well-rounded sampling of different health and nutrition products and there is also the "Weight Loss" Bulu Box which provides samples of various weight-loss specific items. Each box comes loaded with 4 to 5 samples. 

As I prepared to open my original Bulu Box, I was expecting rays of sunshine and singing birds to accompany the surprise (comon Bulu!). ;)
No singing or sunshine, but some nice bright orange paper! I was pretty excited about the samples that I got - a full jar of gummie vitamins (hardly a SAMPLE), some Movit energy gummies (which I used on my subsequent long run), some protein chews (yum!), a sample of instant "healthy" coffee, Omega-3 vitamins and a sample of upset stomach relief powder. Overall, after expecting 4-5 samples and receiving 6, I was already excited!

The cool thing about Bulu box is that you can always purchase the full-size version of every product that is in the box - even cooler, you can earn points to get actual money toward the full size products by submitting a review of the samples that you received! Up to 100 points per month, which equals $10! NICE! 

Bulu Box is also super affordable for a subscription box, compared to some other similar boxes (after some brief research). It is $10/month for a month-to-month subscription, a 3-month subscription and a 6-month subscription, but you save some money by jumping to the 12-month subscription, which is $110 for the year! And guess what! If you're interested in trying Bulu Box, but are unsure you want to spend $30 yet on a 3-month subscription, go to use code SWEATPINK at checkout and receive 50% off! 

Overall, I'm happy with the box, and while I fortunately haven't had to use the upset stomach relief, I sampled each of the other products and was really satisfied with the collection of samples I received!

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