Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hemp Hearts Review & Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I'm big on trying new things, especially things that I can add to my snacks! I was recently given the opportunity to try Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Hearts.

So what are Hemp Hearts?
They are a raw, shelled hemp seed (the heart of the hemp seed!). Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving. They are hearty (pun intended) little buggers, full of energy-sustaining nutrients.

Because I often have a cup of Greek yogurt in the morning after my runs, I decided to go the "easy" route and add the Hemp Hearts to my yogurt. I usually add a teaspoon of chia seeds to give it some texture and a little 'oomf'. I kept the cupboard closed, where the chia seeds are kept (so they wouldn't know!), and poured about a tablespoon of Hemp Hearts into my favorite coffee-flavored Chobani. 

The results? A delightfully nutty flavor and texture. Adding the Hemp Hearts to my yogurt kept me full longer. They didn't change the flavor of the yogurt, but I could taste their slightly nutty flavor (something similar to a sunflower seed, exactly as it's described on their website). These little guys are so versitile, Manitoba has an entire section of their website dedicated to awesome recipes that I fully intend on trying. 

I'm excited to be able to share a package of Hemp Hearts with one of you! Head on over to my Instagram page and enter to win your own bag!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Manitoba Harvest through my ambassadorship with FitApproach. All opinions are my own.

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