Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's talk about 2016.

Here's the thing about 2016.
I could literally fill this post with all of the really friggen ridiculously shitty things that happened in 2016, starting with the loss of Cameron's 5-year-old best friend on New Years Day. By March 23rd, Cameron had had his second seizure of the year which, for only the second time in his life. (obviously both in 2016) required emergency transport to the hospital, also an ambulance ride and overnight stay at CHaD (this happened 2 more times).

I'll stop there, because you probably already get my point.

I haven't really blogged for a lot of the year because quite honestly, there wasn't a whole lot the world would have wanted to read about. So here's what I'm going to do: This post is going to help me and you enjoy the great things that did happen in 2016, because I don't want to end the year thinking of it as one of the worst years of my life.

January 2016:
We got to celebrate the life of, and meet some pretty incredible people from Cameron's school, people who we probably wouldn't have met if it weren't for the incredibly tragic passing of Cameron's BFF (best friend forever). Caellan was the light of Cameron's Kindergarten experience. He was the ying to Cameron's yang. AFO-clad Kindergartner's, paired at the hip and ready to take on Symond's School, living only one street away. We think about Caellan daily -- Cameron carries a picture of him on his ankle brace and also next to his bed on his wall, reading their same favorite bedtime story.

We also got to take Cameron to the Patriot's Hall of Fame, which was so fun, because he's truly one of the biggest sports fans I know. He had a blast and loves reminding us of the things he remembers from the "museum".

February 2016:
Shawn and I were able to get away for a night with our closest friends and go visit my high school best friend, Nick, in New York City! Thankfully, time with our crew is always a break from reality and is always an adventure!
March 2016:
We spent a day in Rhode Island celebrating an early Easter with my family. It's such a blast to have the G.G.B.'s (great grand babies) together. As they're getting older, they're hilarious to watch interact. Especially when they dress each other up and chit-chat by themselves.
April 2016:
This is probably one of the best memories I have of 2016. Shawn, Cameron and I were able to successfully keep our trip a secret until we arrived in Oregon to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday. I'll never forget the look on her face and the tears she shed when she realized it was me picking her up at the airport (She had been traveling for work when we got there, ironically!). Traveling with Cameron is stressful, but so worth it every time. We traveled all over the Oregon coast showing Cameron all of the things that Meme gets to see. <3 Here is Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.

We also got to celebrate my nephew Micah's first birthday! He's a ball of love, smiles and energy! I miss this little guy so much.

May 2016:
In May, I got to travel to Washington, DC for work. I was able to take some time in the early morning, before the start of our session, with our medical director, John, to do about a 7 mile run catching all of the D.C. sites. It was about 7am, and there was almost no one around. It was perfect!

I also celebrated Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and family. It was a gorgeous, VERY sunny day!

June 2016:
It was such an honor for me to be able to train with, run and finish my sister-in-law's first 10 miler with her! While I don't know if she looks back on it as being "fun", it was a great time and I still am so proud of her! GO BEE!
In June 2016 Cameron also finished Kindergarten. While it was an incredibly tough year (see reason for this post), he was truly blessed with the most incredible teacher and staff. Thank you Mrs. Arrow and Mrs. Sands! You'll always set the bar SO high for what we expect from Cam's teachers! Here he is, walking away from the Kindergarten door for the last time:
July 2016:
One of our annual traditions, that we're all beginning to really love, is the Cyr family reunion. The upstate NY campground that the whole family gets together at is absolutely beautiful. The best sunsets every night, campfires, fresh air and a true break from everything. We had a great time this year, and I also successfully convinced (who am I kidding - I was driving anyway!) Shawn to let us go the "long" way home and stop in Lake Placid to see the Olympic stadiums!

August 2016:
This one is easy. Cameron turned 6!!! We had a great time at his Star Wars themed birthday party and were SOOOO excited to give him his birthday present - Red Sox tickets! We had gotten them in January when tickets first went on sale, so we had been waiting for awhile. Just as we had hoped, he absolutely loved it. Plus, it was LEGO day and they unveiled the Big Papi Lego statue on the day we were there! He also got a ball thrown to him from left fielder Chris Young ANNND got to run around Fenway Park's bases by himself at the end of the game! What a lucky duck!

September 2016:
One of my absolute favorite things this summer was my garden. I had one last year, but had a horrible time keeping up with it while also training for my marathon. Without the training, I was able to focus more, and man did it rock! We had zucchini upon zucchini, lots of pretty green peppers, TONS of tomatoes and eggplant! What a rewarding project it was.Even Cam liked it!
October 2016:
Our annual CHaD HERO tradition was the highlight of October. It was incredible, from the HERO tribute the day before, to the races, to meeting new friends. We had a blast. We surpassed our goal of $1,000 raised for CHaD! It was a long day, as you can see by Cam's face, but I know he'll be looking forward to it when it comes around again next year!

November 2016:
Shawn surprised me with a weekend away in Burlington, VT for my birthday. We had both said for awhile that we wanted to go there. It was perfect. The weather was fabulous, the sunsets were gorgeous and we look forward to getting back there again sometime soon - maybe this next summer when we go to New York for the family reunion! :)
December 2016:
With this month literally "upon us" (and having just passed), I can't help but think about the gasp of surprise when Cameron opened the first of the *only* three gifts that he asked of Santa. (college football helmets, NHL hockey helmets and ties). I can't explain the feeling of satisfaction when he opened that wrapping paper and saw exactly what he had wished for. Sometimes its hard to make Cameron happy, surprised and excited. I used to think that only spoiled brats got exactly what they wanted, (and maybe that's true), but man, does that little boy deserve those three simple things. (Thank you Amazon Prime!)

2016 as a whole:
I can't end a 2016 post without giving a shout out to the running club that kept by my side through the year that I have felt the least like a runner. Scores Running Club has literally had my back since Christmas 2015 when I opened the bag that had my singlet in it. I have gone to Tuesday run after Tuesday run, held the caboose and always finished feeling like a part of a team. I will always thank you all for that! 

Family...oh my family has been my rock. My cousins were and have continued to be my best friends since we were 1 year old. Thank God for Snapchat and text messaging!

I can only hope that 2017 brings as good of a year (and Sweet Lord Jesus, a better friggen year) than 2016 did. Whew! That was therapeutic!


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