Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dreams & Updates

I'll be honest, running a marathon was never a dream of mine. It's never been on my proverbial bucket list and I totally skipped more than one Whitcomb Loop 4 miler during cross country skiing season in high school (sorry Mr. Streeter!). But, I have learned, in my 27 wise and experienced (haha) years, that life will undoubtedly throw some seriously mind-altering events your way. Such events may lead you to an earlier-than-expected start at parenthood, meeting the love of your life at the college you initially avoided, and maybe finding a release in just the place you hid from 11 years ago. 

So here I am. Registered for my first marathon. 

Without a little box to check off on my bucket list, why in the world did I decide to do this? The answer is a lot harder to voice than just "I want the bling!" (which is obvious), but I have thought long and hard about it, talked with Shawn more times than I can count, and I feel this is the best way to put my passion to use and make an impact. 

Ever since I crossed the finish line of the CHaD HERO half marathon last October, I have felt like I could have done more. I could have held more fundraisers. I could have talked to more people. I could have spread the word about how amazing these doctors, nurses, and other staff have treated our family. I should have done more and I want to do more. So, while running a marathon may not have been a dream of mine, supporting CHaD and raising awareness and support for epilepsy has been. I have found a passion in running that never existed before St. Patrick's Day 2013, when I ran my first 5K. When passion meets crazy, (seriously, I registered for a marathon) I think the world will know who I'm doing this for. 

I found out recently that the 2015 CHaD HERO events are the same day as the marathon I was considering. When I saw that, I took it as the "go" sign (I hope I read it right...). I'll make the 26.2 mile trek through Lowell, MA during the Baystate Marathon on October 18, 2015, fully supporting CHaD along the way, even though I won't be at the event. 

I'm nervous and terrified, and immediately called my mom after I pressed "Register", but I'm looking forward to the journey and to sharing the experience that lead me to the place I am now and the place I'll be once I cross the finish line (and get my bling!). 

Marathon training doesn't start for another few weeks, and I do have the Big Lake Half Marathon on May 9th, but I will be chronicling my training, progress and stories of life over the 26 weeks leading up to October 18th - the Miles and Miracles. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a small village to get a person to cover 26.2 miles by foot.


  1. I would be so proud to run by your side for Cam and I just need to get up the nerve to click YES