Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Timehop, Races and The Boston Marathon

Timehop is a wonderful thing! Those of you with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have probably seen the glorious "8 YEARS AGO" photos of silly college messes, or the "2 YEARS AGO" newborn photos of your friend's now two year old baby. On Sunday, my Timehop reminded me that "4 YEARS AGO" Shawn and I got engaged! April 12, 2011 was a day that stood out in my mind for the two years leading up to our wedding, because it was the anniversary of our engagement, but with so many other dates to remember, this one sort of left my memory. My Timehop has been empty 4 years ago over the past few days, but April 13, 2011 is just about as equally a life-changing date as April 12th was.

Four years ago today, I went to work 7am-12pm at Market Basket, where I was working part-time. When I came home, Shawn was terrified, because Cameron had been constantly having the "episodes" he had been having about a month before. The doctor had told us it was likely constipation putting pressure on his vegus nerve, causing an episode of suppressed breathing and somewhat loss in consciousness. I tried to nurse him, but he was vomiting every time. Shawn had been on the phone off and on with the doctors at CHaD all morning. They finally told us to bring Cameron to the emergency room in Keene. When we got there, he was a bouncing, happy seven-month old baby boy. The nurses at the ER were not concerned one bit with this healthy smiley baby, but we were, and the doctors at CHaD were. Shortly after we were taken back, Cameron began to have more "episodes" that were lasting longer and longer. More vomiting and less breathing. The pulse oximeter was reading his O2 levels at 46% during the "episodes", which greatly increased his risk for brain damage due to lack of oxygen. On April 13, 2011 in the ER at Cheshire Medical Center, the doctor was convinced he was having seizures, but others were not so sure. This was the first time we heard "seizure". After about an hour, they sedated my little baby and put him on oxygen while we waited for the DHART ambulance to arrive to bring us up to the Children's Hospital. We finally arrived at Dartmouth after 8pm. They ushered us into a tiny room, with a crib and single arm chair pull out. We stayed at CHaD until April 16, 2011. Two MRI's (a quick-picture MRI and a full MRI) and a 24 hour EEG confirmed that Cameron was having seizures and was then diagnosed with epilepsy.


A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Cameron had reached the 5 month mark for being seizure-free, the longest it's ever been. Unfortunately, it didn't last. On Saturday, April 4th he had a seizure in the morning. There's a chance he may have had a fever, but we hadn't gotten his temperature. He slept soundly for about two hours after I gave him the diazepam, and once he was up and around, he was fever-less. Hard tellin, not knowin! I like to keep track of whether he was sick when he had a seizure, because after 4 years of describing Cam's seizures to his doctors, one question they always ask is whether or not he was sick. I've kept a running list on my phone since the first seizure he had after his surgery on October 30, 2013.

Often times if he was sick when he had a seizure, that didn't trigger his doctors to increase his medication dosages, because when he is sick, his seizure threshold (his body's susceptibility to seizures) is much lower than when he is at baseline (healthy and happy!). Seizures that occur when he is not sick, often trigger increases in med dosages. Usually it's because he's grown out of the dosage he's on. That's the tricky part about medicating growing children - they're constantly changing, so dosages become ineffective. We'll be making our way up to CHaD next Monday, April 20th (Marathon Monday!) for a check up with Dr. Morse. We haven't been there (for an appointment) since September! It seems crazy to go that long these days.


In other news, I saw this quote the other day and it really resonated with me as marathon training "officially" begins next week.

Besides the overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with crossing a finish line, it's also a great feeling, as a mother, to know that the things I do during my "me" time, do not go unnoticed by Cam. This weekend, Cameron ran the Cheshire Sports Medicine Kids Fun Run and had a blast! He loves running races and, because he got a medal, he's telling everyone that he won the race! Haha I love this race because the kids get to go through the runner registration and bib pick-up just like the adults. They all get medals and can grab post-race snacks once they cross the finish line. It's fun to see him doing everything like a "normal" race!
Here's a few pictures from the morning.
Cameron is very serious about his pre-race stretching!
Coming around to the finish!
My beautiful niece, Kylie, and I cheered Cameron on as Shawn ran with/near him. - We paid my bro, sis-in-law and new nephew a visit just after the race! Hi Micah! Auntie loves you!
Crossing the finish line with his buddy Miles!
WINNER!!! (Okay, not really, but don't tell him that!)
I've been giving my right quad a rest this past week because it was really giving me trouble, but I'll be resuming my half marathon training tomorrow, provided I can continue to walk pain-free. I'm looking forward to going to the Boston Marathon Expo and taking that sense of excitement and anticipation for a marathon with me through the next 6 months! What a better place to be than with thousands of other runners all gearing up for one of the most famous 26.2 mile runs in the world, just as my own marathon training begins!? Some day I hope to cross the finish line on Boylston Street...some day! We're headed to the Sox game Saturday afternoon, so I'm planning to walk through the expo before the game, aaaaand maybe do a little shopping, but mostly just watch, listen and feel the excitement and the atmosphere of Boston in the days before Marathon Monday!

I think this is the first year in many that I don't have friends running the Boston Marathon (unless you've been sneakily training!), but I've been following a number of other mother runners as they prepare to run on Monday! I'll be cheering for you ladies!


Has anyone else gotten caught off guard by a Timehop photo?
Who will be joining me by viewing the live feeds of the marathon from work (boo to MA-only holidays!)?

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