Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tee Ball and Marathon Training Week 1!

I mentioned in my last post that I would share some details of the excitement going on in our little lives! Because I have yet to take any "after" photos of our new house, I'll share those another time. ;)

Tee ball has been an adventure over the last 3 weeks. Boy, when I originally looked at the schedule and saw that it was only 5 weeks long, I thought to myself - "That's it!? We pay this money for just 5 weeks of tee ball?" Now, I need no explanation. The kids on Cameron's team are great. The parents are all super helpful and both Shawn (as assistant coach), and head coach Carrington, are trying their best to teach these little boogers the rules and basics of baseball. 4-6 year olds are EXHAUSTING! They're so fun and we've seen great improvements in their skills over the last few weeks, they're just so easily distracted - by the dirt, by the trees, by the caterpillar on the bench, by the dirt again, by the team playing on the other field, ohhh the dirt... You get it. It'll be a bitter/sweet day when Cam's first year of tee ball ends. Anywho, some photos of the "little" Red Sox in action:
Coaches giving a pep talk before the game!
Playing catch to warm up.
Coach Fisk giving batting pointers.

"Good game. Good game. Good game."

Their best game yet - Look! They're all standing in their positions!

Another notch on the excitement list: The Big Lake Half Marathon!
This was the first half marathon that I ran without a cheering squad, or anyone familiar present. During the halfs that I've done in the past, I've always looked forward to the time when I can high five family and/or friends on the side walk. Its a fantastic push and energizing moment to see Shawn and Cameron off to the side cheering me on as I run by, and there when I cross the finish line.
This time, I left the house just after 5am by myself, and made my way to Alton, NH. What a beautiful little town! The check in was so quick and easy, and it was about a quarter mile walk to the starting line. Because we were in the valley of the mountains and right down by the lake, there was NO signal, so my Garmin would not "get location". I really didn't mind, even though I was having a little panic attack when it wouldn't start - for no good reason, really! It was absolutely beautiful!
The views of Lake Winnipesaukee were incredible and there were so many aid stations, I barely used the Nuun in my fuel belt (which worked well as a recovery drink after the race!). When I crossed the finish line, the first thing I did was call Shawn - who was at tee ball practice with Cameron. It was nice to be able to walk around to the different vendors and relax a little before getting on the bus to go back to my car. Even though I didn't have my cheering squad, I did appreciate being able to take my time to stretch and walk around a bit!

Crossing the finish line of the Big Lake half was the official start of my marathon training. I took the next week completely off, because my quad was a little sore longer than any of the other muscles in my leg, and I am really trying to make sure I'm being careful.

So, a little Week 1 training in review:
Monday was my first run 3.01 miles at 11:37 pace
Tuesday is strength day - I focused on my core and am going to be especially cautious of my hip flexors and glutes when strength training, to make sure my muscles are strong and healthy to help prevent injury!
Wednesday another 3.00 miles at 11:36 pace
Thursday will be a speed work/hill workout day when I'm confident that my quad is good to go, so for now, I took that day off and slept in an extra 45 minutes
Friday Cam and I did our weekly yoga!
I decided to swap my Saturday and Sunday workouts this weekend because ...yard saling! ;) So Saturday was technically "rest" day this week
Sunday I did just about 4.5 mi at 11:50 pace then joined my friend Cait for her weekly yoga in the park class at 10am!
Total mileage: 10.5
Anyone else feeling extremely slowed down by the humidity over the last few days?
Who else is participating in the Runner's World Run Streak 2015??

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