Thursday, May 28, 2015

We're going STREAKING!!!

Okay, not THAT kind of streaking! ;) 

In my post the other day I asked if anyone else was participating in the Runner's World Run Streak 2015, so I wanted to share why I am!

First off, the running community is incredible, and each time I have the opportunity to participate in an "event", especially a free one that I can do on my own time, I take it! The Runner's World Run Streak is a challenge to run at least one mile each day from Memorial Day until the Fourth of July (41 days, this year). My intention with the challenge is to go about my normal 4 day x week training schedule - Run my scheduled mileage on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I will add just one super easy mile on Tuesday, Friday and Sundays. My goal is to continue to find motivation to get up, since I have to do all of my workouts early in the morning for two reasons, 1. because its going to start getting really hot! and 2. because its the only time that I know I always have for myself. I have the darndest time getting out of bed to do my lifting & strengthening workouts, so if I have to get up to run a mile, I might as well add in some strengthening routines afterward - especially if I can do it outside in the crisp morning air (doesn't that sound lovely??). 

Another reason to do it, similar to what I mentioned, the support system via social media is so great. The connections I've already made through my blog and through becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador have already given me the added push. There are quite a few fellow ambassadors also taking on the challenge, so it'll be fun to share our runs together. I enjoy connecting with other runners, and I have a sweet spot for other mother runners. Social media makes it very easy these days to form a support system and find accountability partners who have no bias, and honest and truly want to help each other succeed. So this time is no different.

Lastly, along with motivation to get moving, I want to be really cautious about my nutrition leading up to the high mileage of marathon training. These early weeks, before the load starts to pick up, is the perfect time to play with nutrition - find meals that work to help my body recover, good solid breakfasts after my morning workouts, and nutrient-dense snacks for those hangry moments during the day. Of course, all without doubling our grocery bill...I'll keep you updated on that. ;)

And a side note, I do intend to seriously listen to my body during this challenge. If my quad starts acting up again, or any other injury seems to creep in, I will not continue the streak. This marathon is really important to me, so I don't want to screw it up so early in the training by over doing it.
That said, if anyone else wants to join in, we're on day 4! You don't even need to sign up! Just share your running adventures and use hashtag #RWRunStreak on your social media post to join in the challenge!

Have you ever participated in a running streak? How long did it last? 
What's your favorite breakfast food?

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